1. We filmed the seminars this summer and will be putting them out on DVD for sale on the website, alone or part of a vestment making kit.  We just have to refilm some parts and take some still shots which we hope to accomplish over the February break.  We wanted them out for Christmas but didn't decided that waiting would give you a better product.
  2. The Christmas rush is over an we have finally almost caught up on orders.  All orders placed before mid December have gone out.  All orders that do not call for an applique have gone out.  If you have not received your order, and it does not contain an applique, and was placed before December 17th then contact me.

    We expect the remaining applique orders to go out by the end of next week. 

    Our slow period lasts from now until Easter when ordination orders start coming in.  So orders will be filled much faster at this time.

    You can expect order back logs from October to January and from April until June.
    Best times to place orders for fast response:  July 1 to September 1 and January 15 to Easter.

    (School starts in September and so order response will begin to slow up but will become very slow by November. )

  3. Some of you experienced problems logging into the website in recent days (two weeks).  This was because of the company updating the website to a newer version so that we could change credit card processors.  Since a number of orders were lost or misdirected when people chose to use paypal we decided to go with paypal pro as a processor.  In this way people won't have to leave the website to use either a credit card or paypro.  This should result in orders being promptly received and not put in an "abandoned" file by the website.  Please let me know if you find any mistakes or problems with the new website.  I've tried to iron out bug such as broken links and missing photos, but I still find more on a daily basis.  I hope this change is of benefit to our customers. 
  4. I hope you all had a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
    I was away for Christmas, a much needed vacation.  As a result some of you are still awaiting items or orders. 
    I'm sorry.  I filled as many as possible before going.  There were some applique orders that were still in the queue.  I am working on them now, and hope to have most of the outstanding orders in the mail by next Monday. 

    We have been updating the website.  We switched payment processors because we had a number of orders that were not going through.  I am still comparing orders with credit card payments to try and fix the errors.  By the end of the week we hope the new billing company will be handling things and there will be less confusion for both of us.  Paypal will be handling all credit card payments as well as paypal payments.  There should no longer be the problem of your order being "abandoned" by the system and never reaching us. 

    We also have dropped some of the suppliers that we were using before because of problems with orders.  If you really want to have something that you ordered from us in the past and now can't find, let me know and I'll put you directly in touch with the supplier.  I think that will be better for all concerned.  Suppliers constantly change prices and I can't keep the website updated with the new data.  They also don't often tell me when an item is out of stock and back ordered so that I can tell my customer.  Allowing you to deal with them directly will cut out the middle man (me).  This will save you money, and will save me frustration. 

    Again I'm sorry for the longer than usual delays.  I really did need some time off.