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Dalmatic Basic KitKit for Making a Basic Dalmatic Chasuble Vestment
Basic Roman Chasuble KitKit for Making a Basic Roman Chasuble Vestment
Gothic Chasuble Kit
Latin Seminar DVDLatin Seminar DVD

    Basic Gothic Chasuble Kit
  • 5 yards (one yard more than you need, just in case) brocade

  • 4 yards of 2 3/8 inch wide NeoGothic banding

  • pattern

  • $125.00

    Basic Roman Chasuable Kit
  • 5 yards brocade

  • 8 yards of either 1" metallic galloon (BA-zarisg)

  • pattern

  • $115.00

Acessorize the kit by adding the applique of your choice(sold separately or make your own), lining, narrow edge banding, cording, embroidery, etc.

Because we have added many new fabrics that we can't buy direct and must go through a distributor, fabric for kits is limited to non distributor fabrics -- Item numbers beginning with I-
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