Our Lady of Paris

Our Lady of Paris

Any of the designs that we made and digitized can be purchased, but at this time we are still in the process of setting up this process. E-mail us if you want a specific design, and we will get back to you when it is available to put in your shopping cart.
Do to an arrangement made with Advanced Embroidery we can now offer their designs and our own modified versions that we use on vestments. The original version will be sent to you by Advanced Embroidery and the modified version will be sent by us. You must purchase the original design to get the modifications. We are able to offer their designs at their price or even slightly less.
If you are looking for a good digitizing program to work with your machine or existing software, especially a photo stitch program. Try the Embird Sfumato. Use this link and download a free trial.

Use the link below the picture of the bird to go to the Embird website where you can download the Embird software and use it free for 30 days. This program works well with most all embroidery design programs and is a great way to split designs or rearrange them to make them work with your hoops. I include directions with my designs on how to use Embird to enlarge, split or rework one of my designs to work with your hoops and program.
Embird Software

Embird Software

For the hand embroiderers we offer bullion for gold work, as well as hand embroidery cross stitch designs.
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