Custom designed vestments, old vestments recopied, matching piece replacement for missing stoles, maniples, veils, burses, humeral veil; dalmatic and tunicles to make solemn high Mass sets.
We make custom designed vestments. If you would like us to make one for you please contact us by email with your requirements.

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General costs: (will vary according to amount of specialized work and quality of materials)
Type Sample
Lined Gothic Set: higher priced appliques and orphreys $500.00 - $750.00(Like above set)
Latin Chasuble Set: $500.00
Elaborate Appliqued Latin Chasuble Set: $750.00 and up
Custom Designed Vestments: $750 - $1500
We also make missing parts for old vestment sets, and from time to time restore old vestments.
Humeral Veil made to match a High Mass set that was missing one custom made orphrey and applique

Occasionally we also have some vestment sets for sale. If we do, they will be listed here.

Click below to go to a Gallery to see vestments made by us and our customers.
Gallery of Vestments made by our customers
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