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Shipping Costs

We don't carry a large amount of stock here, since there is no space to store such items and we are not really a store. We offer the fabric and trims for others who share a similar interest in making beautiful items for the use in Divine Worship. Therefore the items you order will be sent directly to you from the distributors. Each of these distributors or manufacturers sets their own shipping which can vary greatly because some ship from China, India, Afganistan (at least until the war started), or Russia.

Shipping costs from our address are calculated on the following basis of weight. The website calculates the weight from the items in the shopping cart. Since we often send items by priority mail flat rate, if you have overpaid in shipping we will refund the difference. There may be a small handling charge (not more than $2 included in the shipping amount. This is to cover printing and label costs.

There is an additional charge for international shipments.

Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not happy for any reason with your purchase, you need only to return it to me. I only sell items that I use myself, so if you can't use it I can.

Therefore, regardless of the return address that came on the package you received, you should return all merchandise for refund to myself, at my address. (See bottom of page for address)

Shipping costs are not refundable if you have received your merchandise. Shipping costs will be refunded if your merchandise was lost and never received.

This refund offer does not apply to downloads made by the internet since those can be saved and copied before return. Nor does it apply to any CD of machine embroidery designs that has been opened, again because of possible copying.

We make every effort to fulfill your order to your satisfaction. Thank you for your patronage.
Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Syracuse, Inc.
(Immaculate Heart Convent)
206 Highland St.
Syracuse, NY 13203