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Bio of company

Bio of company

We are a Traditional Catholic Religious community of women, founded in 1948 and called The Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our work is teaching and caring for the elderly. Our motherhouse is in Louisiana, and corporate headquarters in in Syracuse, New York. In Syracuse we operate a boarding house for girls attending the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God Academy, and we teach in that Academy as well.

Sister Mary John, I.H.M. is the present superior. She joined the Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1968, taught in their boarding school in Ohio and later in Louisiana. She spent 10 years operating an orphanage in Tepatitlan, Mexico, and returned to the U.S. to become the superior and reorganize the school in New York. While in Mexico she introduced the orphans to making porcelain and ceramic objects for sale, and she herself is a Master Dollmaker, making one of a kind, antique reproduction dolls. After moving to New York, she turned her artistic talents to designing and making vestments, first for the local churches and priests and then for others. She prefers to do the designs, and to make the appliques and leave the sewing to others.

Thus this website where others who wish to make vestments can use her designs and appliques and benefit from her knowledge of inexpensive sources of good quality materials.
Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Syracuse, Inc.
(Immaculate Heart Convent)
206 Highland St.
Syracuse, NY 13203