Traditional appliques for vestments and antipendium used for Catholic Mass and other liturgical religious rites. Choose from the categories below: Some of the appliques are also available for sale as machine embroidery designs. Machine embroidery designs have been moved to ETSY website SewVestments. 
Please be aware that appliques are made after you order them. They are not stock items ready to go out. When you order them they are put in a queue to be made. Depending upon the number of appliques in the queue it can be a week or several to get yours to you. If you have a rush on a particular item please let us know when you place the order or by phone and we will try to meet it or let you know in advance if we can't.
Our Lord
Chi Rio
Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Syracuse, Inc.
(Immaculate Heart Convent)
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