Crosses for linen
Crosses for linen
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This is a set of machine embroidery crosses in four sizes. They are made for finger towels, corporal, and amice.
  • Lovely little 1/4 inch cross for purifactors and finger towels.
  • Cross to be stiched on an amice about 5/8 inch in size. Double stiched so thicker.
  • Cross to be stiched on Corporal. Double stiched so thicker but more open than the one above
  • Cross to go at back of neck or on seam of maniple to be kissed when vesting. About one inch in size.
  • available in SEW,JEF,PEC,PES,HUS,PCS,CSD,XXX file formats

This product is also available on ETSY.  If you have an account there it will save the download for you to use as often as you wish.  We recommend purchasing it on ETSY.

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