Dalmatic Basic Kit
     Basic Dalmatic Chasuble Kit
  • 5 yards (one yard more than you need, just in case) brocade -- chose from any of the brocades or moires (sorry not velvet)in the fabric pages. List the style you wish in the comments page on the order form.
  • 10 yards of 2 3/8 inch wide NeoGothic banding -- again chose the color you wish: gold, red, rose, blue, green, purple/silver, purple/gold and list it in the comments page on the order form. Please note: because we have added many new fabrics that we can't buy direct and must go through a distributor, fabric for kits is limited to non distributor fabrics -- Item numbers beginning with I-
  • pattern
  •  Acessorize the kit by adding, lining, narrow edge banding, cording, embroidery, etc. You can choose the acessorize by adding them to the shopping cart. 
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