Beginning Lesson Setup - 9 on CD
Beginning Lesson Setup - 9 on CD
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This is a CD rom of all the first beginning lessons for Digitizer by Janome. The same lessons I teach my classes. You can run the PDf file and do the lessons in Digitizer at the same time. Individual lessons can be purchased separately and in that case sent by email, but the purchase of the CD is a savings of $20 over the individual lessons and is sent by mail.

Setting up the Work Environment

  • Stabilizing your work
  • Hooping
  • Work Environment Dialog box
  • Changing Hoop size
  • Adding center lines
  • Changing background color

Lesson One --Image Preparation of a Color Graphic

  • Opening an image
  • Resizing image
  • Rotating image
  • Image preparation
  • Click-to-design (color graphic)
  • Show colors
  • Change colors
  • Deselect and select objects
  • Visualizer and Display images
  • Toolbars: items from Standard, Edit, Digitizer and View

Lesson Two -- Imaging Editing a Color Graphic

  • Opening saved file
  • Selecting all or some
  • Flipping left to right and top to bottom
  • Rotating freestyle
  • Deleting image
  • Checking colors
  • Resequencing Colors
  • Show colors -- revisited
  • Deleting objects
  • File types (JAN, JEF, SEW)
  • Sending to machine

Lesson Three -- Outlined Image Preparation of Color Graphic

  • What outline images are
  • Outline image preparation
  • Touching up a picture using Paint
  • Outline Preparation tool
  • Outline appearance slider effects

Lesson Four � Digitizing Quick Draw and Font images

  • Getting designs
  • Make it the size you want before scanning or importing
  • Click-to-stitch
  • Changing from Weave to Satin Fill in object Details
  • Changing from Satin Fill to Weave in object Details
  • Polygon Selection tool
  • Resequence by color
  • Jump by object
  • Jump to start
  • Resequence by object
  • Using Reshape tool to set beginning and end of objects

Lesson Five �Working with Fonts

  • Polygon select tool (again)
  • Letter Digitizing tool
  • Changing Fonts
  • Circular lettering
  • Straight lettering
  • Making letters follow a curve
  • Adjusting the letters using the shaping tool
  • Inserting a design and adding lettering to it.

Lesson Six: Introduction to Freehand Digitizing Tools

  • Cut hole tool
  • Parallel Fill: rectangle
  • Parallel Fill: circle
  • Parallel Fill : irregular
  • Turning Angle Fill
  • Border Line Tool
  • Objects Detail Box
  • Embossed Fill -- changing pattern
  • Weave Fill -- changing pattern.

Lesson Seven: Freehand Digitizing Continued

  • Making Fills with Embroidery Gallery
  • Creating Fil Tire Embroidery
  • Show needle points
  • Combining fills with designs
  • Flip horizontal
  • Nudge keys
  • Dimensions tab for line stitch
  • Grouping and ungrouping

Lesson Eight: New Update Tools

  • Embroidery Gallery
  • New Toolbar icons
  • New Click to stitch
  • New Click to outline
  • New Underlayment Tool
  • New Slow Redraw Tool

Lesson Nine: Applique Tool and Easy Edit Delete

  • Applique Tool in Digitizer
  • Inserting stops
  • Show needle points
  • Editing Stitches in Easy Edit
  • Stitch Mode
  • Stop Mark

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