Marian Symbol
Marian Symbol
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Marian Symbol is represented by the letter M for Mary and is done in the traditional blue color standing for tranquility, calm and purity. Stitches: 51 W X 47 H Inches: 3.6 X 3.3 3 Colors

Marian Symbol with Fleur de Lis can also be represented by adding the Fleur de Lis with the Marian symbol. The Fleur de Lis in French is the “flower of the lily” which is also used along with the Marian symbol. Stitches: 102 W X 168H Inches: 7.2 X 12 10 Colors

Marian Symbol with Crown of Stars is a monogram for Mary and the crown with stars symbolizes that she is the queen of heaven. Blue is regarded as the color of tranquility, calm and purity. Long ago it was an expensive pigment and used on figures of the Virgin Mary or symbols of Mary. Stitches: 89 W X 123 H Inches: 6.3 X 8.7 5 Colors
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